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ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL COOPERATION “TESTRON” – this is a leading Russian producer of non-destructive testing equipment for the industry and for the security and safety systems.

  We have more than 10-year experience in the developments and production of the techniques for main methods of non-destructive testing: X-ray flaw detection, ultra-sonic examination, magnetic powder inspection, color and luminescent penetrant inspection, optical and thermo-vision examination. The staff of our enterprise consists of people that came to us from leading scientific research institutes of Saint Petersburg, like Physical-Technical scientific research Ioffe institute, State University of Saint Petersburg, Technical University of Saint Petersburg and many others. Most part of our time we devote to scientific developments, making our techniques one of the best in the world. Actually our technical staff consists of 79 persons, 63 from them have higher technical education. 2 persons are Doctors of Science and 8 persons are PhDs.

  Besides te own production we also officially represent in Russia such known companies like THALES ELECTRON DEVICES (France), KODAK (USA), SHERWIN (USA), FOMA (Czech Republic), BABB CO (France) and others.
  Our equipment is widely used in different branches of industry. It is in successful operation in aircraft industry – company “SATURN” (Rybinsk), Rostov helicopter plant (Rostov Don), company SALUTE (Moscow); at petroleum- and gas-transport enterprises - Gasprom, Tumentransgas, Stroytransgas, Surgutneftgas, Transneft, Lukoil, Yuganskneftegas; at pipe factories – JSC “Izhora pipe plant”; at petroleum chemical plants – plant of chemical machine building (Borisoglebsk, Voronezh region); at machine building plants - “Uralwagobzavod (Volchansk, Sverdlovsk region), JSC “Pentiazharmatura” (Aleksin); at metallurgical plants – metallurgical company (Stupino, Mosco region) and many other enterprises.
  Our equipment is used actively at the enterprises of defense industry and in the customs. The new sea port of Saint Petersburg is equipped with X-ray examination systems FILIN-5280. We also have experience in maintenance and modernization of foreign techniques.
TESTRON provides necessary guarantee and post –guarantee service maintenance. The maintenance and repair of the units is carried out in shortest terms. The unique capability of remote diagnostics and calibration through Internet allows carrying out part of service and diagnostics over the very short time period. Differing from many foreign companies we propose the installation of the systems “turn-key”, including the receiving of all necessary sanitary-epidemiological service conclusions.
TSTRON is permanent participant of Russian and international exhibitions and conferences. Our company is certified by quality management standard ISO 9001 in Russian certification systems “Russian Register”, GOST-R and in international systems «SAI Global», «IQ NET». The quality certificate is obtained from defense branches of industry “OBORONCERTIFICA”

  Main certificates of TESTRON Ltd.
  1. License of TESTRON Ltd for 2004-2009.
  2. Sanitary-epidemiological conclusions of 2004-2009.
  3. Certificate of OBORONCERTIFICA for 2003-2006.
  4. Certificate of OBORONCERTIFICA for 2006-2009.
  5. Certificate of RUSSIAN REGISTER for 2003-2006.
  6. Certificate of RUSSIAN REGISTER for 2006-2009.
  7. Certificate GOST-R for 2006-2009.
  8. Certificate IQNET for 2003-2006.
  9. Certificate IQNET for 2006-2009
  10. Certificate SAI Global for 2003-2006
  11. Certificate SAI Global for 2006-2009.
  12. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint Petersburg 2002-… .
  Additional certificates оn some types of equipment see in respective sections.


  Dear users of equipment for non-destructive testing!
  You are browsing the new version of our Internet site. Over more than 10 years that passed since the moment of our enterprise establishment we have developed a lot of new equipment and now are happy to present it to you.

image  The innovation of last several years became the new technology of radiography – technology PHOSPHOMATIC. This technology allows the substitution of X-ray films by reusable phosphorous plates. The phosphorous plate is flexible and light like ordinary X-ray film. It could be cut according to the necessary size. Differing from the film phosphorous plates could be used on the light and they don’t require any time-consuming development process. The most important difference of the PHOSPHOMATIC plate from X-ray film consists in the possibility of its multiple re-use (up to 20 000 exposures per one plate).

  The quality of the images, obtained on PHOSPHOMATIC is not inferior but very often is better than the quality of similar images on X-ray film. The dynamic range of PHOSPHOMATIC is 10 times higher than that of X-ray film, which allows obtaining the images of the objects with bigger thickness difference on one radiograph. Extremely high sensitivity of PHOSPHOMATIC allows the reduction of exposure in 5-10 times, which saves working time and service life of expensive X-ray tube; methods of work remaining unchangeable. This gives the possibility to proceed to operation without any additional training of the staff. 

  Using PHOSPHOMATIC instead of X-ray film you save significantly the money, avoid the wet process and increase considerably the operability of the work.

  The product mix of popular cable X-ray units EXTRAVOLT is expanded. These are first cable type units created in Russia equipped with high-frequency converter. They are designed for the use of cermet and glass X-ray tubes. According to their parameters these units are equal to the products of leading world producers. We also produced first Russian portable X-ray units MCT, based on cermet tubes. In our units we install X-ray tubes of company THALES ELECTRON DEVICES that are one of the best in the world.

image  We considerably expanded the list of X-ray television systems. In addition to them we developed a range of automated manipulators that allowed us to create special X-ray television complexes of series FILIN. We offer more than 30 types of universal and special complexes, designed to solve the wide range of radiation control tasks practically in any branches of industry.

  Over last three years we developed together with company Sherwin-Babco (USA-France) the automatic complexes for magnetic particle and liquid pentrant radiography. You can get acquainted with them on the pages of our site as well.

image  The basis for all automatic complexes is the system of image improvement and processing “SOVA+”, being according to the specialist opinions one of the best in the world. The “SOVA+” system is already 15 years old. Over last 4 years the software was completed with unique algorithms of automated scanning and interpretation of flaws for the radiation, magnetic powder and liquid penetrant inspections. At date in the software more than 140 different functions are implemented; many of these functions are unique both by ideology and by rate of operation. We also succeeded to keep that usability which was appropriate to first versions of the program.

image  Over last 4 years we paid a lot of attention and spent a lot of forces on the industrial tomography. We developed and implemented several; unique tomography scanners that are used, for example, in the inspection of turbine blades and light-alloy castings. The possibility to scan any sections and to restore completely the 3d-structure of the object allows carrying out the full adjustment of the whole technological production process. The biggest tomography scanner, produced by TESTRON Ltd allows checking the objects of diameter exceeding 2 m, and it is used for the definition of munitions condition at the plants of chemical weapon destruction.

  We also offer the whole range of ultra-sonic equipment for non-destructive testing. In addition to traditional ultra-sonic thickness gages and scanners we offer for your consideration the complex ultra-sonic systems DIO-2000 and unique portable stations of ultra-sonic control ISONIC.

  Traditionally we offer consumables and accessories for X-ray, liquid penetrant and magnetic powder examinations. The innovation in this topic is X-ray film of company “KODAK” and magnetic powders of company “Bab Co”.
  The high quality of our equipment production gives us the possibility to offer you the 3-year guarantee on most part of equipment we produce.
  We invite you to visit our office in Saint Petersburg to get acquainted with our production facilities and equipment and to examine your pieces on demonstration systems. Our managers would take into consideration all your wishes at the selection of necessary equipment set. When addressing to us you would get comprehensive recommendations from the experts having more than 10-year experience in the developments of the equipment for non-destructive testing. We would be happy to help you in the release of competitive products.
Hoping for your cooperation,
Boris Kramer
President of the group of companies TESTRON

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