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  Влажный проявитель D 100. AMS 2644

Wet developer D 100. AMS 2644

High degree of whiteness
Good covering power
accelerated development when used with DP 55
Increased accuracy when used with DP 55
Accurate indication when used with DP 55
Supply together with standard atomizers or atomizers with high throughput capacity.

- Atomizers by 300 ml, 500 ml.
- Cans by: 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 25 l.
- Kegs by 60 l.
- Barrels by 200 l.

  Сухой проявитель D 90 G. AMS 2644

Dry developer D 90 G. AMS 2644

Dry powder-like developer (used exclusively for the fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection). Developers of series D 90 are notable for exclusive waterproofing thanks of which they could be used in vessels with fog.
Due to their structure and grain composition the powder indicator has following advantages:
- quick indication
- sufficient mobility of particles due to which the developer doesn't obstruct the access to the surface under examination.
Readings are stable and don't react on precipitous movements of the atomizer or on the too quick immersion of the object under examination into the vessel, containing the developer.
Powder-like developer could be easy transformed into the suspension form; it is resistant to the decomposition. There would not be any difficulties if use electro-static atomizer.

- Buckets by 1 kg (approx. 10 l)
- Atomizers by 250 ml.

  Белый проявитель R 60

White developer R 60

Reasonable price
Multifunctional developer
R 60 - multifunctional wet non-water developer. It is successfully used in combination with all range of penetrants.

- Atomizers by 500 ml
- Cans by: 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 25 l
- Kegs by 60 l
- Barrels by 200 l

  Проявитель RT 71

Developer RT 71

Ideal for indication at high temperatures
RT 71 - developer to be used at high temperatures. Time of indicator drying is adapted for the liquid penetrant inspection of the object within the temperature range from 120 to 200°C.
At the temperatures exceeding 200°C : it dries too fast
At the temperatures below 120°C : it dries too slow, but the drying process could be accelerated by blowing with warm air.
Higher the temperature of the object is, quicker the indication takes place.
At the temperature of 200°C the indication takes place in a matter of seconds.

- Atomizers by 300 ml

  Белый проявитель R 62

White developer R 62

Developer of quick action
To be used at lower temperatures or at the increased humidity
R 62 - multifunctional wet non-water, quickly drying developer. Is multifunctional because of medium grain size distribution. The use of R 62 is preferable at the temperatures below 12°C.

- Atomizers by 500 ml
- Cans by: 5 l, 10 l.

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