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  Фломастеры для локального нанесения пенетранта

Felt pens for local application of penetrant

Felt pens of single and multiple uses; filled with penetrant, for local application of penetrant (correction) during the liquid penetrant inspection.
Size of rod: 18x5mm.

  Плитка, соответствующая европейскому стандарту ISO 3452-3 Тип II

Block corresponding to European standard ISO 3452-3 Type II

Contains 5 stellar flaws and 4 areas of different roughness for carrying out the comprehensive examination of the action of pigments or fluorescent impregnations. Low level.

  Электроэрозированная контрольная плитка с отверстиями

Electro-erosive test block with holes

Used during standard tests on intensive washing by any methods with penetrants of any sensitivity.

  Tesco Eishin NICR 10, 20, 30, или 50 мкм (ISO 3452-3 тип 1)

Tesco Eishin NICR 10, 20, 30, or 50 mcm (ISO 3452-3 type 1)

Single and double blocks inside the protective casing.
10, 20, 30, 50 mcm: indicate the thickness of chromium plate, subjected to the cracking.
Flaws have linear nature, their width 'l 'makes up 1/20 from the thickness of chromium-plated surface, subjected to the cracking. Brass substrate is used.

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  Классическая контрольная плитка PSM5 (Tam Panel 146 040)

Classical test block PSM5 (Tam Panel 146 040)

Corresponds to the specification of companies Pratt & Whitney,
Aerospatiale и General Electric.
Version: completely sand blasting model is available

  Парные пластинки PSM5 PE & WW

Double blocks PSM5 PE & WW

Are used as a set. The tests require also the presence of photo-reference plate.

  WTP 1


Two areas of similar roughness.
Used for the testing on the resistance to rinsing.

  Одноразовые бакелитовые пластинки “Runcheck”

Throwaway bakelite plates “Runcheck”

Contains one flaw. Throwaway plates can't serve for the evaluation of products or process sensitivity. Available in lots of 100 pieces.

  Контрольные образцы из алюминия, отвечающие стандарту ASME

Reference samples from aluminium, meeting the standard ASME

Suitable for the re-use with same products. Purposed for general inspection.



New equipment designed for the control of the quality of products de-oiling/cleaning before the flaw detection.

  Измерительные рейки

Measuring rods

Set of 20 rods from 0,45 mm to 1,50 mm and set of 16 rods from 1,50 mm to 3 mm for the definition of the sizes by using UV-A according to standards GE Aviation and NADCAP.

  Линейки TAM

Scales TAM

Instantaneous display of linear or circular readings. Rulers TAM serve for the measurement of fluorescent readings, received during the liquid penetrant / magnetic flaw detections under direct impact of ultra-violet rays.

  Шаблон UTE 3

Pattern UTE 3

Serves for the check of the operator visual acuity and observance conditions. Scale UTE allows the check of operator sight adaptation to specific conditions of the check, using ultra-violet rays. If the operator can't see UTE, it means that the adaptation did not yet take place.

  Палочки с тампонами из плотной ваты

Sticks with wads of dense cotton wool

Sticks with wads of dense cotton wool are designed for the disambiguation without disturbing the non-destructive testing (dense cotton wool adsorbs smaller volumes of the solvent). Sticks with sharp tip (model SC7) or with rounded tip (model SC3) are available. Maximum closing diameter makes up 3mm, length of wool part - 1cm, total length - 7.5 cm. The length of sticks of model SC9 with cotton wool wad at one end makes up 15 cm.

  Очки UVEX

Goggles UVEX

From light polycarbonate.

- Ergonomic sport design
- Protection against mechanical shocks
- Protection in upper part (superciliary arches), in lower part (bridge of the noise) and on each side
- Glasses could be changed quickly and without difficulties
- Large visual field
- Flexible ends of sides
- 5 options for the sides lengths

Technical description:
- Sides and frame:
- Material: Permaflex (thermoplastic rubber)
- Characteristics: 5 options for the sides lengths, adjustable inclination, flexible ends of sides
- Color: blue
- Smaller size model available (frame is on 1.2 smaller than the standard one)

Eye shield:
Material: duo-spherical mono-shield from polycarbonate, lateral deflectors
thickness: 1,85mm
filter: 2-1,2 according to DIN EN 170, UV filtration 100%
Treatment: UVEX SUPRAVISION HC-AF K-N (internal treatment against fogging, external treatment against scratches, 100% protection against UV)
Painting: colorless
Optical class: 1 (without distortion)
Impact resistant: F, (45m/s) according to DIN EN 166

  Наглядно-информационные средства УФ

Pictorial information about UV

Rectangular board to be installed in the premises where UV spotlights are used.
Triangular board to be installed before the entrance into the zone of UV radiation.

  Очки для защиты от УФ и контрастирующих УФ S30

Goggles for the protection against UV and contrasting UV S30

Treated optical glasses prevent the micro-deformation of the zone of vision of polycarbonate goggles for the protection against UV.

  Трафарет для получения различных форм (сварных швов и т.д.)

Stencil to get different forms (of welds etc)

Stencil to get different forms (of welds etc)

  Световые указатели

Light indicators

Light indicator emitting the visible light of 9 cd, monostable button; rechargeable from sunshine or from artificial lighting. Serves for local displaying of fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection readings with white cold light without contraction of pupils



Triple glass in aluminium body, lenses 3x 4x 5x for the magnification from 3 to 12x (3, 4, 5, 6(3 and 4), 7(3 and 5), 8(4 and 5), 12(3 and 4 and 5).

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