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  Прибор для гидропневматической регуляции

Instrument for hydro-pneumatic adjustment

Instrument to adjust water/air/water and water supply for liquid penetrant inspection (rinsing/preliminary rinsing/blowing). There is a model equipped with device for continuous measurement of water temperature (option).

  Пневматический распылитель для создания воздушного/водяного тумана

Pneumatic atomizer to create air/water fog

Model with long trunk: designed for fine atomization of water drops, forms soft fog which doesn't have any aggressive impact onto penetrants, emulsified before the coating.
Compact model: light and easy-to-handle, equipped with unique handle, allowing the simultaneous adjustment of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

  Водяной распылитель, спецификация BOEING

Water atomizer, specification BOEING

Features: model, providing the fine atomization of water drops. Monolithic cone.

Water tank is separated from the body
Equipped with air blower.
The option is offered equipped with device for the temperature measurement in water and air tanks.

  Рукоятка для пульверизаторов

Handle for atomizers

Handles are designed for clamping bottles with aerosols and serve for the up-to-dating of atomization process. The built-in cock ensures the continuous atomization and reduces the load on the hand.

  Резервуар под давлением сжатого воздуха

Vessel under pressure of compressed air

Rechargeable. Is used for alternate atomization of different liquids (It is used for liquid penetrant and magnetic non-destructive testing).



New equipment designed for the quality control of de-oiling/cleaning the goods before the non-destructive testing.


Micro-dosing unit

Features: to coat small doses of the solvent used for the elimination of disambiguation (fluorescent method).
Its application instead of tanks with solvent eliminates the risk of solvent leakage in case of tank tilting and of undesirable volatile organic compounds generation.



Features: to define the percentage of emulsifier in water solution. The temperature correction is provided for.
Is supplied together with diagram.

  DSE 100X/L

DSE 100X/L

Unit consisted of radiometer and lightmeter DSE 100 X/L, equipped with changeable sensitive elements: DIX 365 - UV source on 365 nm and DIX 555 A/L - source of centered visible light on 555 nm.



Unit Radiometer/lightmeter Accumax XRP3000 is designed for the measurement of UV-A radiation and for evaluation of the compliance with monitoring conditions of ISO 3059, main standard, applicable to the non-destructive control by method of liquid penetrant and magnetic inspection in the light of day and at the fluorescent illumination and visual control.

The measuring device is equipped with double sensor of low impedance. The sensor presets the reference linearity; it is controlled by digital microcontrollers.
Electronic circuits protected by anti-shock body serve for the automatic zero adjustment and for the definition of optimum optic characteristics at expense of using diffusers, providing power-angle curves, closest to the characteristics in terms of cosine.
Digital data are transferred from the probe to the body through the standard USB cable. The authenticity of information transferred is provided by high-quality contacts and reliable electric connections.
The reliable mechanic protection as well as high-quality electrical diagrams/electronic circuits ensure the accurate and stable operation of instrument. This instrument is the reference one.

  Блок радиометр/люксметр

Unit of radiometer/lightmeter

This instrument is equipped with one measurement element and two sensors to evaluate the UV-A compliance with standard NF EN ISO 3059, and also to evaluate the compliance of monitoring conditions at the non-destructive testing with standards CEI 60050 -845 and NF EN ISO 3059
Matrix display with backlight simultaneously reflects two values: intensity of incident UV-A radiation and visible light

Easy-to-handle: one button on/off.

- Lightmeter separately
- Radiometer separately
- Lightmeter and luminance meter
- UV integrator

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