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Company “TESTRON Ltd” offers the wide range of engineering works and services to its potential clients for solving the problems of non-destructive testing in the production:

Engineering (consulting engineering) – set of engineering-consulting services of commercial character in respect with the preparation and direct provision of production process, maintenance and operation with them. The engineering covers all stages of the innovation cycle.

  - technical audit of the non-destructive testing system at the client premises
  - development of regulatory documentation
  - recommendations to adjust the non-destructive testing system in compliance with international standards
  - development of re-equipment plan for the non-destructive testing laboratories
  - development of staff training and certification plan
  - selection and complete delivery of non-destructive testing equipment for all types of inspection (X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic powder, vortex current, liquid penetrant, optical etc) 
  - equipping and certification of non-destructive testing laboratory “turn-key”
  - delivery of equipment to the client address with full set of documentation
  - commissioning of the equipment
  - tailoring of standard and special equipment for the task of the client
  - modernization of the equipment both at own production facilities and at other companies
  - adaptation of software for the equipment that we offer to the requirements of documents circulation adopted by the client
  - carrying out of X-ray television and tomography investigations of client products using the equipment of company TESTRON in Saint Petersburg
  - development and fabrication of non-standard X-ray, X-ray television and ultrasonic equipment according to the technical specification of the client
  - training of the client staff with practical skills in equipment operation
  - equipment certification
  - service maintenance and repair
  - guarantee and post-guarantee service
  - training and certification of the staff at all levels on main methods of non-destructive testing
  Our partners are best Russian and foreign developers and producers of equipment for non-destructive testing.

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