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KP 600 Indicator of mixed type

category: fluorescent powders

  KP 600 Индикатор смешанного типа
Magnetic indicator of mixed type on petroleum base, red color
KP 600 - magnetic indicator
Red color at white radiation
Colored in orange and glows when illuminated with UV rays.
Available in form of powder for the use at the white radiation.
Color of indicator allows doing without white background when examining certain dark objects.

In order to achieve more accurate indication it is possible to use white radiation, adding UV rays in small quantities (e.g. at the sunshine) or when UV rays incident under direct angle. Thermal noise should be especially taken into consideration as KP 600 is notable for high content of the powder.
The inflammation temperature makes up 100° C.

Cans by 1, 5l and 10 l
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