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Xenon spotlights

category: UV-A light

  Ксеноновые прожекторы
Xenon lamps with micro-discharge - important advantage of luminaires UV-A:
Instantaneous switching on, stabilization time makes up about 19 seconds, instantaneous re-start at high temperatures.
Xenon lamp with micro-discharge of 35 W with insignificant heat losses, the arc is stable even when using for the magnetic flaw detection, the arc is resistant to the magnetic blowout.
Wide, homogeneous powerful beam.

Weight of upper part is reduced to 1 kg due to "wrinkle-proof" synthetic body. The luminaire is equipped with rubber shock-resistant filter. Manual dismantling of luminaire without any special tools. Powered from line supply of 230 V or from battery of 12V when carrying out inspections in production conditions at low voltage (relates to the luminaire Maxima 3500M only).

Equipped with lamp in double capsule and integrated filter for filtering UV-B.
Rambler's Top100