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Portable lamp Led Luxeon 230 VAC

category: white light

  Переносная лампа Led Luxeon 230 В переменного тока

Aluminium portable lamp with diode Luxeon 3 W. Correlated color temperature > 5500°K. Lamp Led emits very cold white/bluish rays that contrast with red penetrants. The battery condition has no effect on the quality of rays. Due to this the lamp Led Luxéon compares favorably from other lamps type maglite or any other filament lamps: the light emitted by such lamps acquires the orange color as the battery discharges, which is not at all desirable during the liquid penetrant inspection and could cause the wrong interpretation of the results.

Power voltage: 95-240V ; 50/60 Hz²
Accessories: 1 x LED 2.6 W
Equipment: electronic transformer
Material for the fabrication of the upper part of luminaire: anodized aluminium
Base type: II
Weight: approx.  0,6 kg
Fixture: magnetic table (accessory)
Control: without switch
Protection degree: IP 20 (67)
Protection class: II
Features: flooding light, scattering angle 25°
Identification number: 112429001


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