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Переносные рентгеновские аппараты Ratmir

category: extravolt (cable x-ray)

  Переносные рентгеновские аппараты Ratmir

EXTRAVOLT -350 / P4200 – is powerful  two-pole, cable X-ray unit of constant potential which is used in the radiography of large-size light-alloy and steel castings, welds of big thickness and similar objects.

This high-stable unit of high power capacity was developed for the joint use with cermet X-ray tubes of the company Thales Electron Devices (France). This unit is recommended for the high-quality radiography on the X-ray film or reusable phosphorous plates.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum voltage of the tube: 350 kV
Maximum anode current of the tube: 16 mA
Maximum power on the anode of the tube: 4200 W
Depth of radiographic inspection in terms of steel: 98 mm*
Recommended X-ray tube: MB50/1
High voltage adjustment range: 20…350 kV with pitch of 0.1 kV
Tube current adjustment range: 0.5...10 mA with pitch of 0.1 mA
Accuracy of output parameters setting: ± 1.0% for amperage ; ± 1.5% for voltage
Stability / Repeatability: ±0.1% / ±0.01% at constant temperature
Exposure time (pitch of 0,1 min): 0.1 ... 99,9 minutes or continuously
Length of high-voltage cable: 7 m (standard), up to 100 m (by request)
Flow meter of cooling liquid as a set of cooling system
Heat exchange unit of oil-air: OL4502 (770x535x340mm, 60kg)
Heat exchange unit of oil-water: OW4500 (621x560x350mm, 65kg, option)

Voltage: 380V  50/60Hz
Working cycle: 100% 24 hours a day at the temperature of up to 40º С
Working temperature:
-20ºС…40ºС (oil-air cooling)
+2ºС…75ºС (oil-water cooling)
Humidity: up to 90% without moisture condensation
Storage conditions: -25ºС…75ºС, humidity up to 95% without condensation
Maximum power consumption: 6 kW
Overall dimensions of generator:
980x350x455 mm cathode
980x350x305 mm  anode
Generator weight:
120kg cathode
100kg anode

* The radiographic inspection depth in terms of steel is given for following test conditions:
FOSFOMATIC-35, distance 700mm, 350kV, 4200W, 1st class of sensitivity as per GOST 7512-82.
At the operation in the mode of high dose sensitivity the radiographic inspection of big-thickness steels is possible.

Nomographic chart for iron (Fe)
Distance to the object 700mm
Film class KODAK AA400, FOMA R7, AGFA D7
Lead shield 0,02 mm
Radiographic inspection until the achievement of density 2.0D.

Nomographic chart for iron (Fe)
Distance to the object 700мм
Lead shield 0,02 mm
Radiographic inspection as per 1st class of sensitivity in accordance with GOST 7512-82

Data could be changed without notification

Block-diagram of the unit EXTRAVOLT-350.

References to the additional information:
Specification on EXTRAVOLT-350 in PDF
Sanitary and epidemiological conclusion on the unit EXTRAVOLT-350
Cermet tubes, produced by Thales Electron Devices
Description of the unit EXTRAVOLT-350
Criteria for selection of stationary X-ray units

On the pictures:
Экспозиция мА х мин – Exposure mA x min
Радиационная толщина мм – Radiation thickness, mm
Сеть – Network, 380V 50/60 Hz
Силовой блок – Power unit
В/вольтный минус-генератор – high-voltage minus-generator
В вольтный плюс-генератор - high-voltage plus-generator
Рентгеновская трубка – X-ray tube
Блок управления – Control unit
Масляный охладитель – Oil cooler
Блок-схема двухполюсных … - Block-diagram of two-pole DC voltage X-ray units
Высоковольтный кабель – High-voltage cable
Низковольтный кабель - Low-voltage cable
Масляный шланг – Oil hose

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